1. Strengthens Faith – Receiving a prophecy prepared just for you can be very encouraging and help you to find a source of strength. God is our strength and to grow your faith in the father everyday will help you to be equipped in today’s world.Prophecy helps you to discover hidden strengths that you have already had living inside of you.

2. Confirmation – Some have found while receiving a prophecy,confirmations of instructions they had already been hearing from God themselves but have yet to act on it.Confirmations of prayers made to the father whether the prayers have been recent or from long ago.Confirmations in the form of an answer to a burning question.

After receiving your first prophecy,it is very important to take the words received to God in prayer. Then wait for confirmation for truth of the prophecy to be revealed.You may also take the prophecy to your local Pastor to view.

3. Direction – There are many of you who are either a new believer or a long term believer in Christ.Which ever the case may be both still encounter the same questions in their walk and that is “What is my calling,what does God want me to do,where do I fit in?” A prophet (maturity of the prophet does vary and can have an impact here) can sense the calling,the mantle,and the spirit of an individual.A prophet can detect the gifts that has been put upon an individual by the Holy Spirit.For example: If God has called you to preach the word to his kingdom then you are being called to be a Pastor.

4. Edification – A prophet is called to edify the congregations and the churches.They do this by reminding us of how much power we have access to by believing in Jesus.The scripture holds valuable lessons and if we are influenced to apply what we learn then you have access to a more positive approach in your life.Edification is uplifting and brings peace to the seeker.

5. Intercessory Prayer – When a prophet Request personal prophetic word prays,things happen,God really moves. Having a prophet to pray you through a tough situation that you are facing is like tapping into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.A prophet’s diligent prayer opens up the heavens for change to take place.A dedicated prophet will stay in prayer 8 hours each day.Most of that prayer is for the well being and benefits of others,not themselves.

6.Prophetic Insight – A prophet’s insight can be a powerful tool. Their insight can give you clarity in the twists and turns of the road called life. They can fore warn you of either upcoming events or how the actions you are making today can be the future recipe for disaster.Their insight can prepare you for the next phase,the next season,even your next move in life.It is ultimately up to God what insight he chooses the prophet to know.

7.Identification – Requesting a prophecy can help you to identify faults,strong points,weaknesses,iniquities,sins,gifts, different advantages you currently have.Once you can identify what you have working with or against you then you actually have a better handle on the situation at hand.God said “Let not my people be destroyed due to a lack of knowledge.”

8. Restore Peace – People spend millions of dollars each year just for peace of mind.Being able to seek God whether it be on your own or having a prophet to do this will restore peace to your mind and your heart.You will be able to find the missing puzzle pieces,that solution you over looked,that instruction given at the right moment in time.Being reminded that you are not alone,God is with you every step of the way actually gives you a type of peace you just can’t put a price tag on!

9. To Be Released – Once you have identified the strong holds working against you,have finally put a name on the iniquity that is weighing on your heart,recognized all that is keeping you from knowing God intimately then life will be more rewarding.You will be released from all this bondage holding you captive day in and day out.God has promised us a way out and he uses his prophets to encourage,break strong holds,and provide solution.

10. To Get Answers – We all face some really intense trials,decisions,confusion,and struggles every second of the day.Why try and figure all this out by yourself? Seek God or his prophets to help give you the answers you have been searching for.Allow yourself to receive the information needed in your life for spiritual growth,moving to that next level in life,increasing your love for the heavenly father.When you contact a prophet with any question,any matter big or small,you are utilizing the body of Christ.