Nobody wants to think about horrible things happening to their family, but dangerous and terrible situations can easily arise. If you are not prepared for a disaster then you may not be able to keep your family safe during a disaster situation. One of the ways you can prepare your family is by creating a family fire escape plan. Your family fire escape plan will help to ensure that in case of fire, everyone in your family knows how to get out and where to go once they are out. If a fire occurs then you will know that all your family members know how to get out safely and that you will all be meeting in a secure spot.

Step One: Preparation

Before you can complete your family fire escape plan, you will need to do a little review of your home. You will want to create a map of your home, marking each room and at least two exits for each room. You want to specify each exit and how it is to be used. For example, if an exit choice from a room is a window, then you should specify how someone will safely be able to escape from that window.

This is an excellent time to make a list of safety supplies that you need, too. In the situation where someone may need to use a window to escape from a second story of a house, you may need to buy an escape ladder. You might also want to check all smoke detectors and ensure each room has one that is working and not broken. If you need any smoke detectors then add those to your list.

The last thing you will do in this step is to identify a safe place outside your home where everyone will meet. Having everyone meet in one specific spot will allow you to check to be sure everyone is out of the home if there is a fire.

Step Two: Share the Plan

Once you have identified all the exits for each room and identified the safe meeting spot, you are ready to share your fire escape plan with your family. It helps if you draw a map of your home with each exit marked and mark the safe meeting spot on the map. You can make copies to hang in each room and to share with each member of the family.

When sharing your family fire escape plan, it is important to explain to everyone exactly what they should do in a fire. If you have family members that will not be able to escape room get out on their own then discuss who will be in charge of them and how they are to be removed from home in the event of a fire. Also discuss how to choose what exit to use and other general safety rules, like staying low and getting out as fast as possible. Also explain that should someone get stuck in a room with no way out that they need to close the doors and place a rolled up towel or other fabric along the bottom of the door to keep smoke out. They should also wave something brightly colored out a window to signal for help.

After you discuss the plan, you should practice it. Have everyone go to their room or various rooms and practice getting out as quickly as possible and meeting at the safe spot.

Having a family fire escape plan will help you to avoid problems during a fire. If everyone follows the plan, they should all be able to get out safely. It is not always fun to talk about something like a fire burning down your home, but should this disaster happen to your family, it will be comforting to know that you are prepared and that everyone will get out safe.