Before diving into what makes Hazelnut oil a good choice for a carrier oil, here are some of the reasons why this oil stands out on its own.

Makes for good massage oil: Among Hazelnut oils’ most common uses is aromatherapy and massage therapy. A well balanced Hazelnut oil massage on any given day helps relieve stress, both mental and physical, and with its therapeutic qualities, helps in relaxing the nerves and nourishing the capillaries (3).
Helps treat damaged hair: Hazelnut Oil Hair  is considered great for hair treatments and DIY hair products such as shampoos. It works especially well for colored ,treated hair, reinstating nutrients, reducing static by working as a conditioner and also helping with retaining color (7). Overall, it is a great agent for damage reduction and for strengthening hair.

Ideal for skin care products: With all its qualities, it is naturally an important ingredient for many skin care products in general, lending itself as great base oil for packs, skin care preparations, soaps, creams, as well sun creams. With a high level of vitamin E, Hazelnut oil works to prevent damage from harmful sun rays while also working as an antioxidant (3).

It is also used in various cosmetic products, whether they’re all-natural skin care products or not.
Caters to all skin types: Although Hazelnut oil works great for all skin types, it is considered to work particularly well for dry skin, and sensitive and mature skin types. It is the fatty acids present in the oil that helps to best maintain the outer layer of the skin (3).

These healthy fatty acids are naturally not generated in our bodies and with the use of Hazelnut oil, they can be maintained very well.