Many people are interested in participating in paid surveys. However, most of them are hesitant because they are scared of getting caught in the scam sites. Actually, there are hundreds of ways of making money quickly through internet. Every day we could see our mailbox filled with lot of emails which advertises about making big money within short period of time. However, most of them are scam. Nobody can become rich quickly without any effort. Whereas, paid survey is a great 메이저사이트 way to make little extra cash during your spare time.

With paid surveys gaining its popularity, the number of people signing up for paid surveys has increased drastically. Though there are many legitimate paid survey sites online, an equal number of scam sites have also emerged to make use of the situation and exploit people. Because of these scam survey sites, which misuse participant’s personal information or rip off their money, genuine survey sites are also getting affected. Online paid surveys are a great way to reach public for companies. However, scam survey sites create bad experiences and drive people away from paid survey business.

Here are few tips to help you differentiate legitimate and scam sites:

o Beware of the sites which ask you for a membership fee. Legitimate paid surveys are interested in attracting more participants for their surveys. None of such companies will ask you for a fee to join their sites. So, if you come across a site which asks for a membership fee, stay away from the site at least during the initial months, to avoid bitter experiences.

o Beware of the sites which promise money or gifts more than what survey business is worth for. For example, if you find a survey site advertising $300 per hour, do not get lured by it. No one is ever going to pay you $300 per hour for filling up a survey questionnaire. If you find anything suspicious, better avoid such sites.

o Beware of the sites which are really new. Of course, not all new sites are scam sites. However, it is better to keep away from new sites at least for some time. This will help you understand if the site is doing genuine business or not.

Some people, who just rush into paid survey business without doing enough research, fall prey in these scam sites. However, if you go well-prepared, paid surveys are great way to make money.

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