Playground safety surfacing is just as important in backyard playgrounds as it is for public ones. Fortunately, it need not be expensive or difficult to create a suitable surface. Whilst most people opt for ‘loose’ materials, it is possible to buy specialized shock-absorbing mats or tiles which, if installed correctly, are very effective.

Loose Surfaces

There are a number of attractive options in this category. Playground sand and fine gravel work well, and are quite easy to keep clean. Bark mulch and wood 안전놀이터 chips tend to absorb shocks better and are attractive to look at, though they may be harder to extract litter from. Shredded tires are becoming an increasingly popular choice, since of all the loose materials they are probably the most effective. One of the downsides of using loose materials is that it’s possible that sharp objects such as broken glass or pieces of metal can be hidden below the surface, posing an obvious danger. If you decide on this type of surface, you need to bear in mind that depending on your choice of material, it will need to be 6 to 12 inches deep. You will also need some means of containing the material so it doesn’t spread out over time, reducing its effectiveness.

Mats and Tiles

A more expensive choice, special shock-absorbing mats or tiles have the advantage of being easier to maintain. All they require is regular brushing to remove dirt and litter – it’s much easier than trying to pick small pieces of garbage from wood chips. Also, it’s not necessary to periodically rake the area to ensure an even distribution of the material. There are also ‘pourable’ playground safety surfaces on the market, which are laid in more or less the same way as concrete. It’s probably a good idea to have this type of surface installed by a professional.

Whichever option you choose, having an effective playground surface will help reduce injuries and ensure your children have hours of safe and fun exercise.