While waiting for a Sunday Night Football Game to kick off between the Giants and the Bears I wondered what was going to be eaten for Sunday Nights Dinner. With the Football  winbir Game starting at 8pm and the time approximately 7 PM I did not have much time to make a decision as to what I was going to prepare.

In my opinion Sunday Dinners are supposed to be a meal, a celebration in parts to the end of the Weekend and a preparation for the workweek to begin. It does not matter if it’s a quick Grilling or an all-daylong crock-pot mission. My Sunday meals are packed with flavor and hints of Comfort food. Sauces, Cheeses, and Tasty sum up the meals I usually prepare on a Sunday.

However the time was 7pm I did not know what to prepare. I paid attention to the remainder of the nights entertainment…Bears at the Giants….For a period of time I have been partnering the meal to coincide with the food that region of the country a specific food is known for.

The home team in this instance was the New York Giants. They were playing in their new stadium located somewhere in the New Jersey area. Therefore my meal would be related to a New York or New Jersey based meal. New York itself is known for their Pizza, which on any other night would have been great. However this was my Sunday Dinner, it had to pack little more punch than a New York Style Pizza. When thinking of Giants at home I came to the conclusion of Jersey and thinking of Jersey I Immediately began thinking of the Sopranos. There was a great book entitled the “Soprano’s Cookbook” I recalled seeing at a friend’s home. The dish that comes to mind when I was thumbing through it was a Sausage and Peppers dish. There are not many dishes that I can think of that would rival a Sausage and Pepper Dish, let alone, Pair better with a Football game and at that point the Decision was made.