For all those job seekers who saw Legally Blonde II and the pink perfumed resume, there was a terrific chuckle. There was also a simple knowledge that maybe she had gone too far with her resume. News Flash, she also didn’t give a cover letter. However, the character in that movie did do one thing very right: She made sure that her presentation of herself was “head and shoulders” above the crowd. She was noticeable. That is often why people will use a cover letter template.

Let’s take a look at ways one can be certain that their resume and cover letter are noticeable other than pink perfumed paper and a personal presentation.

Foremost critical point: In almost all jobs you apply for you need to include a cover letter with your resume! In today’s work world cover letters are your introduction. Because they are so important, many people will use the cover letter free presentation templates to help get the letter of introduction as good as possible. Cover letters have replaced personal contact when presenting the resume. They show some aspect of your personality, framework, and merit. They encourage a person to take a peek at the resume.

Follow the cover letter template as closely as you can. Do make sure you have these points covered as well:


  • Put that cover letter and resume on decent paper. At least a 25 lb. paper ideally with a watermark is what you want. Don’t go overboard with color and texture. A nice paper is sufficient.


Potential employers will be determining key things about you in that cover letter. If you choose to use a cover letter template, make sure it will help you illustrate some of the things the employer looks for:


  • Ability to follow instructions (that applies to those companies that actually requested that a cover letter be included with the resume). They want to know, do you read the directions and follow them?
  • Attention to detail is another item the potential employer is looking for when he reads your cover letter. Did you send in a letter that is incomplete, has typos or grammatical errors? Is it properly formatted on the page? Is it concise and to the point, or did you ramble? Look back to your cover letter free templates for powerpoint as well, make sure it is of excellent quality.
  • Personalization is another factor that must be considered. Did you write a cover letter designed for one and all, then basically blitz the work market? Let’s hope not, because if you did, you really blew it. Take a few minutes with each cover letter you present to get some info about the company, the person’s name to address it to. Personalize it the best that you can. This shows that you are not desperate for work and that you are a professional. It also reinforces your attention to detail.
  • It’s a gauge of your communication skills – how well do you present yourself in writing, are you able to communicate concisely and professionally, can you highlight key points of yourself and your resume without boring the reader. Are you able to bring it all together through communication with a professional presentation? If you feel you are not able to do this, it is most advisable that you use a cover letter template.


There are only a handful of industries where cover letters are not required. Some of those include the construction trades, some IT positions, many part-time or part-time retail jobs. Some of the creative fields such as film or graphic design may also not require or want a cover letter. However the majority of today’s employers are looking for the cover letter to be included with the resume. If you are concerned about your ability to create it, then download a cover letter template to help you get the job done.